Automated Email Campaigns Get You More Product Reviews

It’s just a fact.  Create, automate, and send out customized emails through Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging or use the Request a Review feature to combine Amazon’s language combined with Zonmaster’s powerful email automation tools and analytics capabilities.

Automate emails the way you want

Zonmaster allows you to get more product reviews through two options: automated email triggers linked to the Amazon Request and Review button, or through our classic email automation toolkit. Below you’ll find information on which is best for you.

Work smarter. Automate.

Stop wasting time sending emails and clicking through individual orders to get more reviews. Use Zonmaster with our new Amazon request and review tools for email marketing.

  • Customize an unlimited number of email templates for any Amazon store. Your automated email campaigns can target order groups by ASIN, SKU, product name, marketplace, repeat buyers, and more.
  • Use exclusions to exclude orders with returns received, returns, refunds, and more from active email templates.
  • You’ll never miss a deadline again. Automatic email templates are sent even when you’re offline.
  • Set up automatic email triggers on specific dates based on customer profiles.
  • Automatically translate email review requests to match your customers.
  • No browser extension required.

Fully customized email campaigns with Amazon reviews.

Create perfect automated emails to your customers sent via buyer and seller notifications on Amazon with our simple email creatives and classic marketing automation toolkit.

  • Create unique emails with meaningful messages for your unique customers.
  • Engage with buyers and promote your brand with logos and attachments.
  • Send product instructions, warranties, and invoices to your customers to reinforce your brand.
  • Customize your message to maximize reviews and feedback.
  • Create translated templates for specific marketplaces
  • Sophisticated compliance detection automatically alerts and prevents communication breaches.

Organize and customize your email automation.

Design an unlimited number of Amazon email templates for specific marketplaces, ASINs, product categories, and more. Set up any automated email campaign, including the new Amazon Inquiry and Review feature, to send exactly what you want, to whom you want, when you want.

Powerful tools for designing automated emails

Create custom emails

Create custom Amazon email templates to target customers at any stage of the buying cycle. Time your automated emails to communicate with the customer at the exact time you want – after a product is purchased, after it is shipped, after it is received, after a certain amount of time has passed where the customer has had the opportunity to use the product, or at any other time you want to communicate with the customer. Set up your own email campaign and streamline the communication process so the right customers receive the right message at the right time.

Personalize with variables

By adding variables into Amazon’s automated custom email templates, you can personalize your email to the customer. Customizable email variables include product names and short names, order IDs, links to reviews and feedback, shipping and order details, and more!

Custom compatible messages

Create an automated email message exactly how you want it. If you follow Amazon’s communication guidelines, Zonmaster will automatically ensure that your custom template meets all style, font, and spacing requirements. Customize your message and include links to Amazon pages or attachments, such as product instructions, warranty registration, product changes, or anything else needed to complete your order.

Logo and file uploads

Enhance your perfectly worded message by incorporating your branding and logo. Zonmaster automatically inserts your brand as alt text to meet the requirements. Easily upload relevant files to your email and help your customers get the information they need.

Set up translated templates

Amazon requires sellers to send custom emails with messages to buyers and sellers in the customer’s preferred language. You can easily upload your own translated messages and target the appropriate Amazon marketplace worldwide.

Email order preview

Preview how the template you create will actually look. See how changes to automated email campaigns look.

Individual e-mail targeting

Targeting to specific orders

Sometimes jobs require specific communications outside of automated email campaigns. Target specific orders with specific messages. If a customer buys multiple products, you can alert them to an additional item that complements their purchase. If a customer has purchased your products multiple times, you can mark their orders and send them a personalized thank you message.With Zonmaster, you have the ability to target specific orders that you want to exclude from automated email campaigns and communicate directly with the person who buys your product.

Send test emails

Test your emails before you send them to customers to make sure they look exactly how you want them to. Automating your emails will save you time in the long run, but it’s important not to rush it without testing it. Send test emails to make sure they’re set up to deliver the results you want.

Send emails at a specific time

Strategically send automated emails at times when customers are most likely to open and click on them. In email marketing, it’s recommended to send emails on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings between 8 and 11 am. However, recent studies have shown that response rates are highest on weekday evenings between 8 p.m. and midnight.While there is no universally accepted “ideal” time to send emails, Zonmaster’s email automation tool provides the flexibility to send emails on a schedule that works best for you and your customers.

Coming Soon!

Send emails based on delivery.

Customize the content and timing of Amazon’s automated emails based on when your customer receives the product. Have specific email templates created for when the item is shipped, the day of delivery, and post-delivery follow-ups to ask for feedback.

Exclude orders from the inquiry process

You may want to exclude certain orders from your automated email campaign. If a customer expresses dissatisfaction with your product or service, the last thing you want to do is request a negative review. Simply select the order or customer and remove them from the email campaign. If the order has been returned, refunded, received a negative review, received a coupon, or even had delivery delayed, you can automatically exclude them from the call.

Target your regular customers

If a customer has purchased your product before, you can set up promotions with specific messages based on the number of orders they’ve placed. If your goal is to get the best ratings and reviews, you can set up targeted campaigns to solicit ratings and feedback only from regular customers.

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