Amazon feedback removal and management software.

Take advantage of the latest technology to manage Amazon feedback and automate and track customer encounters.

Take control of negative Amazon reviews with Zonmaster

Amazon Seller Feedback Tracking and Management

Track all your Amazon product reviews with Zonmaster. Keep an easy overview of incoming customer feedback with Amazon Feedback Tracking. Get instant notification of neutral and negative feedback. Act quickly to satisfy frustrated customers and receive notifications to remove negative feedback.

Track all feedback received for multiple campaigns and filter 1, 2, and 3 stars to take immediate action on dissatisfied customers.

Requests to remove negative reviews from Amazon

Removing negative feedback on Amazon can be difficult. Zonmaster gives you the Amazon feedback management tools you need to create email campaigns that maximize your chances of getting customers to remove negative reviews without violating Amazon’s terms of service.

You can easily contact Amazon support to request the removal of negative reviews that violate Amazon’s policies. Avoid being penalized for factors beyond your control.

Automated campaigns for customer support

Choose the timing and strategy to reach Amazon customers with personalized email campaigns. Proactively resolve order fulfillment issues, schedule deliveries, send invoices, confirm customer-specific information, and more.

Track all customer interactions related to product reviews in Zonmaster. Get advanced analytics to improve personalized campaigns. Increase open rates and success rates for removing negative reviews on Amazon.

Get more positive reviews on Amazon

Don’t just focus on removing negative feedback. Combat negative reviews on Amazon by engaging your customers with personalized, customized, and professional emails to get more positive feedback about sellers and products directly from the Zonmaster interface.

Send targeted one-click emails to repeat customers who leave rave reviews. Do more with automated email campaigns that help you manage your store’s feedback process.

Zonmaster Feedback Management Features

  • Negative feedback notifications
  • Neutral feedback notifications
  • Feedback removal notifications
  • Track all feedback received
  • Filter only 1, 2, 3 star feedback
  • Group feedback by rating
  • Track emails sent
  • Amazon support quick link
  • Feedback analytics

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