Zonmaster: Amazon Brand Protection

Monitor, manage, and respond to all critical events for your brand – fully integrated into Zonmaster’s single Amazon management platform.

Continuous tracking of all your Amazon products.

Receive alerts and respond quickly to any critical incidents with Amazon’s monitoring tools.

Monitor Amazon reviews 24/7/365.

Continuously monitor Amazon product reviews so you can track and respond to all reviews. Get instant Amazon review notifications when you receive new product reviews. Grow your business by quickly responding to all Amazon product reviews and fixing issues.

Prevent hackers from hijacking your Amazon listings.

Get an instant notification every time another seller joins or leaves your listing. Report hijackers who sabotage your Amazon product listings with fake products or slightly lower prices. Act quickly and restore your cart’s position as a reputable seller of authentic products at the right market price.

Get notified when the names of your Amazon listings change

Hijackers often sabotage Amazon listings by changing titles and other important information. If the name of your Amazon product changes, Zonmaster’s monitoring tools will send you an instant notification so you can take back control of your listing. Stop hackers in their tracks with instant alerts.

Win a Buy Box and get notified when you lose your Buy Box

The key to making sales is owning your Buy Box. Zonmaster sends alerts when a competitor or hijacker takes your place in the Buy Box. Get real-time alerts when you gain or lose a Buy Box listing spot. Optimize product listings to increase your chances of achieving and maintaining a Buy Box position.

Keep tabs on your Categories

Get notified as soon as the categories that Amazon is listing your product in changes. Watch for subtle changes in Amazon structure.

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