The Complete Amazon Review Manager

Analyze and manage all your Amazon product reviews on a single platform.

Amazon Product Review management like never before

Seamlessly integrate your Amazon product reviews all on one screen. Filter and search all product reviews instantly.

Monitor and improve Amazon product reviews

Get instant email notifications when you receive unfavorable Amazon product reviews so you can quickly respond to the issue.

Turn your Amazon product reviews into assets with Zonmaster

Dealing with negative Amazon product reviews

Get instant notifications about product reviews when someone leaves a negative Amazon product review. Respond faster to negative Amazon product reviews and resolve issues with dissatisfied customers. Increase the likelihood that customers will remove their negative reviews and buy from you again.

Respond quickly to both positive and negative Amazon reviews.

Thank your customers for buying from you. When customers leave a product review on Amazon, be sure to give them a personal note so they know you care about their buying experience. Show future customers that you provide thorough and timely service by publicly responding to all reviews.

Analyze Amazon product reviews and look for trends.

Identify product trends in your industry based on Amazon product reviews and search engine data. Optimize product listings to include the best keywords in product titles and descriptions. Rise higher in Amazon search results, get more clicks, and sell more products!

Categorize your product lists and keep them organized

You can sort and group product listings by name, price, description, and more. Group listings by Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) – the most reliable unique product identifier for Amazon listings. Organize your products the way that works best for you and make bulk changes to product groups.

Get ahead of the competition by analyzing product reviews.

Analyze product listings, descriptions, ratings, reviews, and more for your competitors on Amazon. Differentiate yourself from competitors offering the same and similar products. Improve your Amazon product listings and strategies by using the Competitor Tracker to capture and outrank the best competitors.

Save private notes for viewing

Make internal notes on product listings and orders via the Zonmaster product review platform – great for setting comments and keeping track of what’s going on.

Zonmaster Product Review Tool Features

  • Negative review notifications
  • Positive and neutral review notifications
  • Advanced review search engine
  • Find keywords to identify trends
  • Product selector tool
  • Group by ASIN product view

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