Power Up Your Amazon Selling

ZonMaster has the features you need to take total control over your Amazon selling experience.

ZonMaster offers a complete set of features for the Amazon Seller.

Global Marketplaces

We support selling in all of the following Amazon Marketplaces. With EVERY ZonMaster subscription, you can have 1 merchant account per region.

With 1 Zonmaster subscription, you can have a European Amazon merchant account (which usually will cover all of Europe), a North American Amazon merchant account, and Indian and Japanese Amazon merchant accounts – all included. No extra charge!

Profit Tracking

Now with Zonmaster you don’t need another service to track your profit. You can do that all within the Zonmaster system. Enter your product and inbound costs and Zonmaster will do all the rest!

Advanced Scheduling

Schedule your e-mails with flexible criteria up to 120 days after product delivery.

Order Timeline

ZonMaster’s unique Order Timeline let’s you see order events – displayed visually

Pre-Made Starter Templates

A growing number of starter packs to get you up and running in minutes.

Landing Pages

Create highly converting coupon distribution and Amazon giveaway landing pages – for FREE
Unlimited landing pages are available for free in ALL Zonmaster plans!

Create Beautiful Landing Pages – drive external traffic to your Amazon listing from Facebook Ads or Google Ads. No coding or design experience is required. Include pictures, upload videos, add a logo, set limits, cross-market your other offers and more!
Distribute Discount Claim Codes – automate the distribution of one-time discount claim codes generated in Amazon SellerCentral. Our software will restrict abusers from trying to get more than one claim code.

Collect Emails – capture your customers’ emails BEFORE they buy the products on Amazon. Email is the most scalable way to build relationship with your customers. Save the email lists for your next promotions or export them
Get Reviews – promote your products openly to real buyers using ads

Virtual Assistant Accounts

Unlimited Reduced permissions logins for those who are helping you out.

Powerful Triggering Options

17 possible triggers, including on review and seller feedback

And Even More Features!

  • Dashboard Interface
  • Critical Event Notifications
  • Graphs & Statistics
  • Customer Orders Integration
  • Refund Integration
  • Automatic Buyer-opt Outs
  • Email Preview
  • Easy Variable Insertion
  • Custom Buttons for Links
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Internal Note System
  • Logo & Attachments
  • Email Tracking & Analytics
  • Target and Exclusion Statuses
  • Seller Feedback Notifications
  • Automated Email Campaigns
  • Campaign Filters and Timers
  • Repeat Buyer Integration
  • Positive Feedback Integration
  • Buyer / Order Blacklist
  • Download Data Reports